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Season 6 of Nude Muse Cooking sees a range of home chefs cooking up some amazing dishes while totally nude. Many of the dishes are aimed to be quick, easy. cost effective and actually good for you. This is a nude cooking show with a difference.

Episode 13

Aussie Popcorn

nude muse cooking season06 episode13 scarlett-morgan and elly

Scarlett-Morgan and Elly go to the beach and make a delicious treat for the summer holidays ahead. Vegemite popcorn. A simple, easy and fun way to have a snack nude outdoors.


Episode 12

Summer Snack

nude muse cooking season06 episode12 scarlett-morgan and elly

Scarlett-Morgan is joined by Elly for this episode of Nude Muse Cooking. They team up to make a delicious summer snack, with cucumbers and some cream cheese.


Episode 11

Green Beans

nude muse cooking season06 episode11 scarlett-morgan

Being nude outdoors is fantastic feeling. Cooking nude outdoors is even better. Scarlett-Morgan cooks a delicious side dish with green beans by this wonderful natural lake.


Episode 10

Winter Lamb

nude muse cooking season06 episode10 castelle

For those cool winter days on a couch watching TV, Castelle makes a hearty and healthy winter lamb dish. She shows just how easy it is for anyone to make in minutes.


Episode 9

Veggie Bake

nude muse cooking season06 episode09 scarlett-morgan

Its the first day of winter, so Scarlett-Morgan makes a hearty but very healthy meal. She makes a scrumptious veggie bake with just the food left over in her fridge.


Episode 8

Sausage Bake

nude muse cooking season06 episode08 scarlett-morgan

If you're an Aussie, you will be used to throwing some snags on a barbie. In this episode Scarlett-Morgan will show you another way to cook sausages, that tastes great!


Episode 7

Caramel Slice

nude muse cooking season06 episode07 kathleen

A one off episode we shot with Kathleen a couple of years back, as she makes a raw vegan caramel slice. Believe me it tastes as good as the unhealthy version.


Episode 6


nude muse cooking season06 episode06 Scarlett-Morgan easter

It's Easter and Scarlett-Morgan has a real treat for you. She makes rabbit poo for you all...well it started off as peanut butter and chocolate balls but things went awry...


Episode 5


nude muse cooking season06 episode05 Scarlett-Morgan

Scarlett-Morgan, loves seafood and in this episode she shares one of her favourite recipes. Grilled snapper with cherry tomatoes. A healthy dish that tastes scrumptious.


Episode 4

Cucumber soup

nude muse cooking season06 episode04 Scarlett-Morgan

Cold cucumber soup, may sound bizzare, but trust in Scarlett-Morgan, as she makes this amazing dish. A great summer feast for the hottest summer days.


Episode 3

Acai Berry

nude muse cooking season06 episode03 Scarlett-Morgan

In this episode of Nude Muse Cooking, Scarlett-Morgan makes a quick and very delicious breafast using yogurt, Acai Berries and Muesli. A great start to the day.


Episode 2

Tuna Sambal

nude muse cooking season06 episode02 Scarlett-Morgan

In this episode of Nude Muse Cooking, Scarlett-Morgan makes a delicious fresh take on a sambal dish, with her tuna sambal recipie. Its easy and fun to make at home.


Episode 1

Aust Day BBQ

nude muse cooking season06 episode01 castelle

Its Australia Day today and people all across the country are having the traditional Aussie BBQ. Castelle joins the celebration fully nude in her backyard.


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