Q. What is Nude-Muse magazine about?
A. Nude-Muse is about showing nudity in a positive way. Nude muse is about showing that nudity is not just about sex and adult entertainment, as is the current way of thinking by some people and a lot of the media. It is designed to show that nudity can be nonsexual and even a normal way of life. Nude-Muse is about showing that beauty is not a narrow band of body size or age. That beauty can also be found in people in their 30's, 40's and 50's. That being more than a size 10 and curvy is just as beautiful and just as wonderful as slimmer people. Nude-Muse is about challenging the common stereotype of the media, and many people's skewed view of the world. As a result, many people see an ugly world, with very little beauty. No wonder these people are upset. Nude-Muse hopes to show that the world is actually full of beauty if you open your eyes and mind a little wider.

Q. Some models are fairly revealing. Isn't that pornographic?
A. What a lot of people are unaware of is that pornography and art can be a very fine line. Nude-Muse is aware of this and therefore uses ideas, and styles from traditional fine art, dance, and fashion. Sometimes the difference between art and porn can be lighting, sometimes, a posture or pose, sometimes a facial expression, sometimes an idea, sometimes a combination of these. Nude-Muse actually uses lighting and poses that come from the fashion industry. A lot of fashion poses (if the model where nude) would be considered revealing. So then, is fashion porn? Those are the questions Nude-Muse likes to ask, or encourage its readers to think about. Nude-Muse is about challenging stereotypes, and helping people to see that everything can be seen in more than one way. Neither is wrong and neither is right. It is just another way of seeing something.

Nude-Muse also hopes to show people that every part of the body is normal and beautiful. That it is a cultural thing to pick a body part as being taboo. Some cultures see legs, ankles and necks as erogenous, or porn. While others are fine with total nudity. Is one right and the other wrong? Nude-Muse hopes to show that the body is just a vessel we live in our entire lives. We have no choice in the matter. We do not choose to live in our bodies. We are born into the body we inhabit and remain there for our entire lives. Our bodies are just bodies, just as a bird is a bird, and a tree is a tree. No matter what meaning we put into these objects, the fact remains, that they are what they are, and will always be what they are. That is no matter how much you might want a tree to be bird, and tell everyone the tree is a bird, that fact remains, the tree is still a tree.

If you still have doubts, the pinup photos, and drawings people like today. The style and look that young women and girls want to emulate, was actually pornography of the 1940's. However today it is now just another "fashionable" look.

Art has always been and always will be the social conscience of a society. It is through art that we as a society get a chance to explore ideas, and think about them in a way that we dare not otherwise.

As a result, nude-muse encourages, models to be themselves, and express themselves in any way they feel, or any idea they want to explore in the artistic nude genre.

Q. Do you have advertisements on your movies and website?
A. No we don't. We don't like advertiements and feel that if we did allow it then any message we give on the site would automatically become suspect. As a result we totally rely on subscriptions for our revenue. Your subscription allows us to continue to find more beautiful nude models, to invest in better equipment that makes higher quality photos and videos. It also lets us make more TV shows and improve those over time too. The more you invest in us with your subscription the more we can re-invest in making better things for you to view and enjoy.

Q. How do I download your movies?
A. New videos are no longer downloadable. The world is now connected on the internet in every way. You can access your bank online, play games online and watch movies online. Most games are now always connected via the internet and it is the only way these can be played. Youtube, netflix, hulu and so many more all stream their videos and movies. We are following this trend and many nude sites are beginning to do the same. Many of our videos are now longer and much more high quality (bitrate) than ever before. Without streaming we would never have been able to supply the longer  higher quality videos we do now. Only a small percentage of our members download the movies anyway, with the vast majority preferring to stream the videos. Many mobile devices either can't download or have limited storage that can't handle massive video files anyway. We are also investing more in new shows that have a heavy investment in produsing them. This investment needs to be protected and streaming helps considerably. With the new cheaper and longer memberships, members now have unprecedented access to all our videos anytime they wish.

Q. How the heck do I see the members photos and videos?
A. There are two easy ways to do this. Either go to the
members portal
members portal

and select the members images by clicking on either the thumbnail image
member acces info
or the corresponding images size below the thumbnail (1080 - 5000)

The other way to access the members images and videos is by selecting the
models portal
models portal
. and select the letter that corresponds to the first letter of your favourite models name. Here we have selected S for Sindy

From there just click on the image of the model you would like to see
select the letter of the models name
Which will take you to that particular models profile/statistics page, where every single photo set that model has done will be displayed there.

Once in the models profile page
models profile page
you will see two thumbnails of each photo set. One is the free photo available to everyone, the other is your link to the members only photo set. The videos of that models will be located on the left hand side, just under the models main image and statistics. If there are no thumbnails under the main image and statistics, then that model does not have any videos.

Videos are located here
models profile page
Under the model profile photo you can access and download the video of that model.

Some videos are in the cooking in the raw section or the nude news areas or travel in the raw.

Q. How come some models have videos, while others do not?
A. Nude-Muse was a photo only site up until late 2009, when we started to experiment with video. It wasn't until the beginning of 2011 that we decided to make video a regular part of the site. So any models that we photographed before then will not have any videos. We have tried to organise photo shoot with some of those early models, whose profiles we have added the new photo sets and videos to, but many of those early models, are no longer modeling any more, so will remain without video.

Q. How do I view the photos in the .zipx, 7z or zip files I downloaded?
We have recently started to use pdf files instead of zip/rar files due to them being more stable and easier to use. Just click and you will get the galleries vieable staright in your browser of choise. If you wish to download the pdf, just right click and select something similar to download file or download link, depending on your browser. With pdf files you can still zoom and go from photo to photo as before and even view the thumbnails and jump to your favouriste image. For all older files use 7 zip or winrar as before.

Q. When I view the new 3D photos, they look a bit odd or disorientating. How can I avoid that?
. 3D is about adding a third dimension to images. this is called depth. on the 3D viewing program you can adjust the depth by pressign either "D" or "F" on your keyboard. For more fine adjustment (if you use nvidia's system) you can adjust the depth with the wheel located on the IR transmitter. The more depth the more 3D like it will look but it can be a little disorientating for people not used to it (or easily get motion sickness). So dialing down the depth will make it less 3D, but will help with easier viewing for those with issues.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
A. To cancel your subscription at anytime just Cancel My Subscription or go to verotel's website.

Q. Can I make money from your Nude-Muse site?
A. Yes you certainly can. Nude-Muse offers a fantastic affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 50% of what we earn on each signup. It is totally free to join our affiliate program and start earning money from every signup.Just click below

to join the affiliate program and start earning money from Nude-Muse.

Once you have your affiliate ID, all you have to do is place a link on your site, or Facebook page, or twitter, or MySpace or any social network site or even if you frequent an online forum, just place your link in your signature. Every time somebody clicks on that link and joins nude-muse, you will get 50% of the money, for as long as they are members. The more people who join the more you will earn. All for just placing a link on your site or social media profile. It is that easy. The more profiles you have, the more links you put up, the more money you will make.

Q. I have a message "browser does not support script". What does that mean?
A. It means that your browser is too old and does not have that ability to display java scripts, or you have java turned off. It is recommended to use either Firefox or Google Chrome as a web browser, as they are two of the best browsers as far as support, speed and compatibility with websites and features. Internet explorer is ok, but I personally have found it to be slow and unstable, for many things. It is just my personal recommendation. It is up to you what you want to use in the end.

Q. I wish to become a nude-muse. How do I apply?
A. To apply to become a NudeMuse, just go to the models wanted page.

Q. You used to have nude males too. What happened to them?
A. The nude males section has discontinued for now, but may come back sometime in the future or be featred with a female model.


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