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You want to be a Nude-Muse? Please read to find out more.

Although we are always looking for the next Nude-Muse, not every model has the right stuff so to speak to become a Nude-Muse. In the past 12 months only 1 in 10 models actually became Nude-Muses and that is set to become even more competitive this year.

So what exactly are we looking for in a Nude-Muse? Unfortunately it is difficult to put into words. We just know it when we see the person or their photos. A Nude-Muse must have a great personality. Yes we know it sounds cliché, but a great personality shines through in photos and more importantly video. A great model will just pop right of the screen and grab your attention. Yes looks play a very important part, as it does in any form of model work. Not everyone can be a model, just as not everyone can be a doctor or astrophysicist or professional dancer, or any number of careers. Size does not matter. It never has and never will. You must however, be healthy for your body type. Healthy is an important aspect, as we don't want to promote unhealthy body types, no matter what size. So if you are naturally thin that is ok, or if you are naturally curvy that is fine also. Age is not an issue (as long as you are over 18) we don't mind what age you are. Some of the best models we have worked with have been over 30 years of age for example.

Height , experience, race, religion can all be any variety and we encourage models from all ethnicities to apply.

We are looking for a great all round package. A Nude-Muse has to have great personality, easy to work with and happy to lay in mud or get sandy or work in summer heat or cool of winter to get that amazing shot. A Nude-Muse must be inventive and creative. Some of the best models we have worked with could come up with ideas and poses without us directing them. A Nude-Muse must be comfortable with being nude, especially in front of people, as we now have a small crew (both male and female) on set. You must also be comfortable being on video and be prepared to talk on camera as required. All photo shoots have video taken and used for behind the scenes videos of the shoot.

Tattoos. If you have tattoos that is ok as long as you don't have too many of them. It is assessed person by person. However generally if you are covered with tattoos then you are probably not suitable as a Nude-Muse model, unless you are happy to have them covered up with dermablend or similar product. Small number of smaller tattoos are fine. We assess each applicant and may make exceptions if you are amazing in some other way or suit a special project or idea.

Fake boobs. As a general rule we don't accept models with fake boobs, unless they look natural. Or if the model is exceptional in some other way. Or was for medical reasons.

When you become a Nude-Muse, you also become a representative of our brand and what we stand for. Certain selected photos and preview video clips will be used for the promotion of the magazine/site.

So in summary. If you are a healthy vibrant woman, with great personality, have a natural healthy body of any size, age or race, then you should apply. You just might be the very person we are looking for.

Important Note! - Only models currently living in Australia or are travelling to Australia need apply. We give priority to models in the Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba areas. If you are from overseas and have no intention of travelling to Brisbane then please do not apply.

You MUST be 18 years or older at the time of photography for any work involving any from of nudity. No exceptions! You must provide proof of age in the form of photo ID, such as passport, driver’s license or 18+ card.

  • Q1. What if I am 17 years of age? Can I still work for Nude-Muse?
  • A1. You can still apply to start the application process and we can start planning the photo shoot, but we can only do the photo shoot once you turn 18 years of age. If you are 17 at the time of application, please make sure that any photos you send are clothed only photos.
  • Q2. I am comfortable posing fully nude, but not sure if I want to expose too much. Are there different levels of nudity?
  • A2. Yes there are two levels of nudity for Nude-Muse. One is up to full frontal nude, while the next level up does involve poses that reveal more, but only in an artistic context. The site is not about porn, but exploring the beauty of the entire nude form in an artistic way. Revealing nudes are optional. This option also gives more opportunity to explore ideas, shapes and poses that can't be done with standard nudity.
  • *Here are examples of full frontal (standard nudity)standard full nudestandard full nude

  • *While these are examples of more revealing posesrevealing nude posesrevealing nude poses

  • The choice is always yours to make so only choose the option you are comfortable with.

    • ^ Sometimes not all photos are fully edited, due to publication deadlines we may encounter.

** Very Important **

When applying, please make sure you check your junk mail folder, as our replies sometime end up there. Depending on your email filter settings

Nude-Muse will pay models, cash on the day, contact us for details.

If your interested and would like to know more then just fill in your details in the application form below. We will then contact you with everything you want to know, to be the next Nude Muse.


We are rethinking this models wanted page and figure out it's future. 99% of the models we work with either approach us directly or we contact them or are referred to us by friends. We have gotten a lot of fake applications (don't know why guys do that. Pretend to be models). If you want to know the rates etc just ask or go to a model forum and ask there.

In the mean time just use the contact us page till futher notice.

**** Important ****

we will be doing casting calls for new models in the new year so stay tuned. The casting calls will be done locally in local media and NOT via our website or this page.

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