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Season 3 of nude muse cooking sees some experimentation trying new things to see what will work best for future seasons. We value all feedback/ More beautiful Nude-Muses's, more nude cooking in beautiful natural settings, and a new twist for some episodes! This is a nude cooking show with a difference.

Episode 8


nude muse cooking season 3 episode 8

Jada some delicious crepes with icecream and fruit. take a look at her step by step guide .


Episode 7

Prawn Toast

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 7

Jada shows just how simple it is to make a prawn toast in a few minutes. Quick and easy


Episode 6

Thai Beef Salad

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 6

Castelle makes a delicious and very healthy Thai beef salad. A delicious meal that is perfect on a warm summers day.


Episode 5


cooking in the raw season 3 episode 5

Freya shows just how quick and easy it is to make Tacos. No need for junk food, when you can make your own fast food.


Episode 4

Spanish Mussels

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 4

Scarlett-Morgan makes a spanish style musels and chrizo sausage meal. A delicious spicy meal perfect for lunch.


Episode 3

Delicious Pancakes

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 3

Pancakes are a quick, easy and very delicious dish. Sweetie shows us how to make our very own from scratch


Episode 2

Eggplant Parmesan

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 2

Winter makes a vegetarian equivalent of the poplular chicken parmesan recipie.An eggplant parmesan. Even non-vegetarians will love this one.


Episode 1

Yummy Lammingtons

nude muse cooking season 3 episode 1

Kicking off the new season Ariana celebrates Australia Day by making a traditional Australian Sweet. The humble Lamington.


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