Naked and Nude are Dirty Words!

Both the words "nude" and "naked" are interpreted as dirty words. Melony found out that her so called friends laughed at her for being naked. So many people have childish attitudes to nudity. Most people can't even say out loud in a public place the word "nude" or "naked". Go ahead and see if YOU can say either word out loud in a public place. I challenge Melony's friends to have the guts to do the same as she did.

So is it a wonder why so many people have problems with nudity in the first place, if we can't even say the words, let alone strip off and actually be nude or naked? The nude body is just a nude body. It is the flesh we inhabit while we are alive. Melony uses her nude body to make beautiful nude art. It is suh a shame that there are people out there that are upset at seeing her nude body. They are ok with her clothed body, but for some reason her nude body (she is still the same person after all), somehow makes her "dirty" or less human. Ironically, by removing the artificial barrier we clad ourselves in, Melony actually becomes more human when she is nude.

Some people say the word nude is "nicer" or interpreted as being better than "naked". Naked seems harsh to our ears. I think either word is fine, but I do understand meaning that people express. However words are just that...words. Their first purpose was to describe something, so that we could communicate the same idea with each other. Then we added meaning, which our minds are brilliant at getting wrong. Nude or naked, Melony is a beautiful young woman. One that I am so grateful I had the chance to first make these images with, then share them with all of you. Thank you Melony. I sincerely hope we can make more.

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