Public Nudity Near Pandanus Tree.

We went down to a popular beach with Eden to photograph her new bikini from Wild Orchid Australia. We loved the look of the pandanus tree, which is quite common on many of Queenslands beaches. The branches and leaves are quite striking as you can see in the photos and provide nice shade.

There were several people around who could see Eden modeling her bikini and no one cared or said anything. In fact a couple of people seemed curious but kept their distance. Even when Eden went topless and eventually nude no one had any issues. Despite what the media wants us to think, and certain conservative minority groups say, nudity is not rude or an issue to open minded people.

We are born nude and what better way to enjoy the beach and the shade of the pandanus tree in the summer heat, then in the nude? That is the way Eden enjoys the beach whenever she can. In the nude. Will you go nude this summer?

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keira autumn branches

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