Eden is comfortable with her nudity

Eden had an idea. To do a photo shoot with her wearing a stylised Indian Headdress on a dune with a clear blue sky as a background. I actually had a very similar idea a few years back but never got around to doing it…..until now. It proves that some ideas, just need the right time to happen.

This was shot on a fairly public beach, with several people walking by. Even lifeguards drove by as we did this shoot. I think most “reasonable adults” (the legal term used in documents, not my choice of words), find nudity, especially nonsexual and artistic nudity, to be fine, even in a public situation. It is a very loud and vocal minority that is causing issues on social media, TV, and in our very own lives, that make it seem that nudity is bad. Nudity isn’t bad. Those people are Gymnophobes with real self loathing issues and should seek medical help with their phobia.

Something this beautiful, natural and creative, is I hope, inspiring and something to enjoy for what it is. Eden loves being nude, she loves being a nude model. She is very comfortable with her nudity. If someone is this comfortable with their nudity, then you should be comfortable to view it. If you’re really comfortable, recommend it to others.

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