Is it bad being twisted?

The world is twisted. We have been taught that beautiful and natural things in life are bad. While death, disease and war are fine, acceptable and inevitable. Now that is fucked up! Eden thankfully shows what is a beautiful natural part of life. A nude body.

We are constantly bombarded with news, images and reports that we must go to war and kill other people in other lands because they see things differently. We are told that illness, famine, and poverty are all inevitable and can't be solved. However on the other hand we are told constantly that just simply being nude is not just bad but Illegal! That simply being nude in any situation no matter how innocent, is not just frowned upon, but dealt with severely. People cannot even say the words vagina and penis let alone look at them without feeling guilt or shame especially in a public situation. How can that be normal? Why are we told that is acceptable?

We have been taught that our bodies are criminal. We are conditioned in a way to believe that our very basic state is inherently criminal. Eden is posing in a way that shows every part of her body. There is nothing hidden away. Yet she is beautiful, normal, natural, artistic. She poses in ways that reveal every part of her, and yet it is not inherently sexual. It is just her nudity expressed in art, her most natural state revealed to all in the most beautiful way. There is nothing criminal, illegal and wrong with Eden's entire nudity. Neither is your's or anyone elses.

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