Viva La Revolution !

Since 1799 until February 2013, Parisian women were not legally allowed to wear trousers in the French capital. This series with Eden is dedicated to the Parisian women of the past who set the groundwork that led to many freedoms of women all over the world. Everything from the right to vote to the right to work and much more

There are still much legal inequality between men and women. None more so than the right to be bare chested in public. With time and public support this too can be changed. Civil disobedience is usually the only way things have changed in the past, and likely to be changed in the future.

Eden makes a fantastic Parisian beauty, and she is also a woman who is happy to be herself, and not conform to what society expects. In her recent travels to Europe, she spent more time topless than not, and not just on beaches either, but at festivals and parks too. A true individual who is not afraid to be true to herself.

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