Is Naked Better Than Fashion?

Being nude is seen as being without style or empty. With Eden's help we will show that being nude can also be very stylish, edgy and modern.

Eden loves latex and crazy shoes. So here she is wearing a latex collar, platform shoes and absolutely nothing else. She looks like she could have stepped out of a fashion magazine.

There were 4 town-houses being built next door to the studio. When Eden came over for the photo shoot, I suggested we go next door. As Eden clomped onto the work site, the workers there where all smiling and didn't know how to respond. I asked if we could take some photos and they said ok. We headed up stairs and took these photos. I loved the incomplete look of the rooms combined with Eden's nude form and her latex accessories.

Eden is the perfect example of being able to be fashionable and stylish while nude. There are so many ways to be nude, yet still be able to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. So can YOU look good naked? The answer is a clear yes.

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