Essential Purity Of The Nude.

One of the greatest influences on art and artists throughout history is the nude female form. Models like Sylph are genuine muses, that inspire and spark the creativity in the minds of people. Their beauty, grace, and ability to express everything from ideas, to emotion, just through their nude bodies is nothing short of remarkable.

Yet despite the value of nude art, and it's contribution to the betterment of culture, there are people that still shrillishly screech how awful and disgusting the nude human form is. They will howl that no one should look at another nude human for fear it will corrupt or destroy minds. They forget that the purpose of art is to entertain, to instill awe in the viewer, at the beauty of something so moving, or to question the ideals of a society, to make people see other perspectives, other than their own. Unfortunately the same people who shrill about the wrongness of nudity are the same people who judge the world around them through the fog of their faith. The same faith that destroyed entire cultures, of tribes people in south America, the pacific islands and Africa. Made them put on clothes by scaring them that they would go to hell if they didn't.

A lot of those people believe that they have to tell you, me and everyone around them that nudity is unacceptable because they said so. They preach and demand that everyone obey their view. There is no compromise in their eyes, there are no exceptions. They even hide behind children like a shield. The problem with that and any argument that states that nudity is bad, is the assumption that nudity always equals sex. Its does not!!! period. full stop.

You can be fully clothed and have sexual thoughts about anyone, who is also fully clothed. Just that alone is enough to debunk that stupid view. Yet it is a view propagated by those people and the mainstream media. They do so through association. You hear on the news, "naked man robs liquor store". Or "drunk naked woman crashes car". You never hear a headline "clothed man steals a car". By saying nude and naked with a criminal activity, the association is made unconsciously by the mind, that nudity is a criminal activity. Nudity is also highly sexualised by media, by sitcoms and movies. Usually the only time you see nudity in a movie is a sex scene. There are some exceptions, but they are truly in the minority. Once again the association that nudity is sexual is quite clearly stated.

Sylph, beautifully demonstrates how being purely nude. Being totally and utterly naked, is not only artistic, but also non sexual. Her poses, mannerisms, and style are an extension of her mind and heart, being expressed through her body. Sylph could have done this clothed, but the nudity actually declutters the message, it purifies the beauty and style to it's purest essence. It can only be done purely nude.

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