Be Tolerant Of Nudity.

Here is a news flash. We are all naked. Every single person on earth right now, is naked. No matter what race or religion or social standing, everyone is naked. Everyone. Stephanie knows this and is totally ok with it, as are most reasonable people.

The difference between nudists and prudish people is that nudists are tolerant of people who wear clothes. Nudists don't force anyone to be nude. Prudes on the other hand are not tolerant of anyone being nude, and in fact do try to force us to wear clothes, even in situations where clothing is not needed. Like beaches as one example.

The key word here is tolerance. Just because you don’t agree with another person, just because you don’t like what they do or say, be tolerant. You don’t have to like it, just be tolerant of it. I don’t like boxing for example, but I think anyone who does like boxing should have the right to view or participate in it. I am tolerant of their decision. Just because you don’t like being nude or seeing other people nude, you should be tolerant of those that do. The world would be a much happier place if more people practiced tolerance. Tolerance should be taught in schools.

Stephanie has a nude body. A beautiful nude body. She is happy with her body and is totally comfortable with every aspect of it including being nude. If she is comfortable with her body, why aren’t you comfortable to even look? Maybe the problem isn’t Stephanie, or her body or her nudity, but the perception of anyone who does. For those of us who are comfortable with her nudity, look and enjoy her beauty as it was meant to be. For those that don’t like it, just be tolerant of us who do :)

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