Wonderful World Of Nudes.

Nudes are wonderful. It's wonderful to be nude, it's wonderful to look at nudes and both are the case with Rebel. She loves being nude and she has no issues with people seeing her nude. Why would she, or anyone else for that matter. We are like this everyday under our clothes.

That is the issue. We are forced to wear clothes. Many against their will. With all this talk about micro aggression and discrimination, nudists are someone the only group left on the planet that can be legally discriminated, and persecuted for their lifestyle, belief system and culture. No one sees that as wrong or bad in anyway. In fact it is further encouraged by censorship on every major publication and electronic platform. Yet no one questions why.

Nudists have no rights. Even in places where it is legal to be nude, they use other laws to stop you from being nude, by saying you're disturbing the peace or being a public nuisance. How can a legal activity be a public nuisance? Why is being nude illegal in other places? We are all nude under our clothing, we all have the same bits, we have seen those bits every single day of our lives, so how can anyone possible be offended? It's literally impossible.

Is it because nudity is seen as a symbol of freedom? Is it a symbol that we can live a life without buying things like clothes? All questions that need to be discussed. Nudity is only strange to people because they haven't experienced it. Like anything new or different to their way of thinking, the first reaction is to resist it. That is why companies do major advertising for new products like the Ipad when it was first launched. They had Steve Jobs talk about the features and made a big show of it. All the news and media was abuzz. They had celebrities use it and so on. It wasn’t something everyone just wanted. It was pushed and hyped to such an extent that some people actually believed that they wanted it all along right from the beginning.

Our everyday life is tracked and monitored, right from the rfid chips used by banks, toll companies and GPS tracking that can monitor every journey you make. Through to companies like Google that track every electronic movement you make. Some even record your keystrokes. Yet somehow they make nudity the only issue that is a “matter of privacy”.

Okay some people may want privacy regarding nudity, but there are many that don’t. Why is nudity the only thing that governments won't allow? Why is over sexuality okay in everything from music videos and selling products, but lifestyle and artistic nudity treated as a serious taboo subject?

Oh look you can see Rebel's labia and nipples. A very normal part of the anatomy, yet its treated in the same way as a hate crime. The living tissue we inhabit for our entire lives is a walking crime scene. That is utter madness.

Nudity is wonderful. Rebel nude is wonderful. Everyone who goes nude is wonderful. The nude human body is not just wonderful, but the one and only true form we have. It is what we are. Hiding it behind fabric is just censorship. Think about that.

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