Nudity Is The Community Standard

Phoenix is just nude. Actually not just nude, but being herself. Her true self, in her true form. No masks, no hiding behind an image. This is Phoenix as she was born, as she really is under all the clothes she has ever worn or ever will wear.

Nude! can be used to describe, fashion and cosmetics, it can be used to describe a drink or food. It can be used to describe telecommunications (naked adsl for example) and even the stock market (naked selling), but it cannot be used to describe a human being in advertising. Why is that? Have we been conditioned to think that way?.

Nudity is often censored on the internet by large companies, who in turn hide behind "community standards". The most troubling aspect of this type of censorship is that these entities are a large part of the internet. They are privately owned and controlled. No one elects them. No one can vote for their policies (unless you are in the top 1% of people and can buy enough share to make a vote that counts), yet they are shaping our future, shaping our standards for us, shaping our way of life, shaping what we can see or not, even in which region who can see what. Doesn't anyone else find this troubling? I certainly do.

Do you not find it troubling that even discussing this type of topic does not occur in the mainstream media? This is not just about nudity either, but we will stick with that for the purpose of this article. "community standard" is a slogan they all hide behind. I tell you what "community standard" is. We are all born naked. We live naked for our entire lives. We have seen ourselves nude. We all know what human genitals look like, what a nude human body looks like. We have seen it on ourselves. We accept our nudity, whether we are happy with our bodies or not is another article altogether, but seeing our own nudity, does not have us reaching for our phones, wanting to call the police and asking for them to arrest us because we offended ourselves with our own nudity. So why do people get upset at seeing another person's nudity? Are they not the same, by and large, as you or I? Of course we don't get upset at seeing our own nudity, so why do some people still get upset at others?

As children we happily run around stark naked outside, in the sun and the wind, screaming with joy and delight. Yet at some point in our lives we go from that, to adults that are fearful of even the word "NUDE". Just seeing the word causes anxiety in some. We are not born with a fear of nudity. It is taught, conditioned, and pounded into our lives by those around us. If someone is comfortable enough to be nude, they are quickly put into place by the hordes around them who admonish and punish those brave daring souls who just wish to be happy in their bare skin.

So I will tell you what the "community standard" REALLY is. That nudity is actually OK! As human beings we are always nude and we are actually ok with it. Now lets tell these companies that. Tell them that we are fine with nudity, fine in our skins and happy to be true to ourselves,and happy to see others. We like nudity, we like seeing others nude, regardless of why, we just do. We always have and frankly I believe, we always will. Phoenix is comfortable in her own skin. She is comfortable with every single part of her nude self. Here are the photos to prove it. So too are many other people out there. A "community" of people happy with nudity, not just in themselves, but in others too.

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