Time To De-platform The Platforms

Urns have been featured in art for centuries. It has been a source of water for bathing and cleaning once self. Olivia bring s the humble earn into a more modern light with this glass one, but maintains its ancient heritage.

In the past, even in times when extreme prudery was practiced, in times when showing flesh was sin, art was always exempt. Art was the last bastion for free speech, for sharing ideas or showing the human form in its most natural state.

Now in the 21st century when we pat ourselves on the back for our achievements in technology and advancement, it is these tech sources that are being used to squash art. In particular nudity in art.

It has come to light in recent times that certain tech giants have been using their algorithms to censor certain things that THEY didn’t like. Not because it was illegal, but only because they didn’t like it. The focus has been on stifling certain political points of view, but we at Nude Muse, know that nudity has been a major target for this for a very long time. Even if you meet the platforms own terms of service and abide by their rules, they will still censor. That is proven fact.

These tech companies feel they know better than you, and they know what you should or shouldn’t see. I personally hope they are either forced to stop censoring, or are broken up. They flaunted the rules that they were given, now it is time for them to be deleted, like so many peoples account where.

So for those of you you are Nude Muse readers, you are the lucky few that will get to see Olivia’s beautiful nude form in this art series, because many people on other platforms will never get the chance.

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