Free Your Mind, Free Your Breasts

The 25th of August 2013 is going to the the official Go Topless day rally, held all over the world. What is Go Topless day? It is a protest organised by who are trying to bring about gender equality.

Some might ask why is this important? The answer is why is any freedom important? Why is equality important? I bet a lot of guys would be very upset if suddenly they pass a law which said guys can't take their shirts off in public anymore. Or if they passed a law that said women are allowed to drive a car, but men can't. If a man can go topless then so should women in the same situations. It is not about enforcing all women to go bare breasted, but for the right to do so. Just for the right. Why is that so bad or hard? Just for the right.

Some might say there are more important things in the world than women's rights to go topless. The answer is, if it is so trivial, then why make a law against it in the first place? Why arrest people over it? The answer is that it is important, because they are enforcing an unjust law.

Women. Please remember that every right you have this very moment was never given freely to you. You have had to fight for every last one. From the right to vote, the right to work, to the right to even wear a bikini. Most of you do not know, that there was a time you couldn't even wear a bikini in public. That it was seen as offensive, that is was obscene, that men would become sexually aroused if they saw a woman in one. Does the argument sound familiar?. Now most women around the world wear one, even children and no one thinks twice about it.

There will be a topless rally planned to be held in Brisbane on the 25th of August 2013. We know it is a short time away so we are trying to see if it will take place in time or not. Otherwise we will have to do our own. Stay tuned

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