Deforestation leads to new endangered species!

Our bodies play host to about 100 trillion micro organism give or take a few million. One of those are pubic hair lice called Pthirus pubis or crab louse. Since people started to, you know, shave their pubic area, the little critters have started to disappear with the forest they inhabited.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of college aged students "go Brazilian" and shave. As you can see by our Nude-Muses that fact appears to be quite true.

Now who said deforestation was a bad thing? It appears that this species can only love on our private parts and no where else. No other species either. So if you want to save an endangered species then don't trim your bush. But if you want to see this little itchy bugger go the way of the dinosaur then get out your trimmers, waxers, and shavers and clip away.

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