Modern Day Witch Hunt

Hundreds of years ago women who practiced herbal medicine were rounded up and burnt at the stake because they were seen as witches. Simply because they had some understanding of the medicinal properties of certain plants and natural substances.

It is becoming a global problem that started back in the early 1900. Medicine was divided into 6 groups. One of those is the allopathic practice of medicine, which we know as the "mainstream" medicine. Mainstream medicine is fantastic at treating physical injuries and pretty good at diagnosing most disease. However that is just a small part of who we are as people. What is a problem with mainstream medicine is that it treats symptoms. It rarely goes for the cause. Dr Joel Wallach has undertaken a massive research project that concluded that the correct dosage of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in the body could keep animals and people healthy and fight off most common ailments. His research has held up under 8 judicial proceedings initiated by the FDA. So he knows what he is talking about

The TGA here in Australia is chomping at the bit (initiated by their pharmaceutical masters) to wipe out natural medicine once and for all. Let me put something into perspective. Natural medicine is more safe than many pharmaceuticals. Lets use vitamin C as an example. You can have massive doses of Vitamin C and the worst thing that can happen is it gives you the runs. Pharmaceutical drugs on the other hand are so dangerous, that even getting the prescription wrong by just a few micrograms (a microgram is a millionth of a gram), can be fatal.

My prostate is slightly enlarged. I could take artificial drugs and suffer the 3 pages of possible side effects of the drug, or choose the safer natural alternative Saw Palmetto and Tribulus. I am not prescribing this. I am stating what I take and has worked extremely well for me. If you have a similar problem, see a natural medicine practitioner for details specific to you. I feel great, my prostate has shrunk back to the size it should be and have no side effects other than I feel like I did when I was 23 years old.

Most natural medicine practitioners have to undergo years of university studies and get a degree just like the allopathic counterparts. Yet the TGA still refuses to see them as medical practitioners. Where do you think pharmaceutical companies got their medicines from? From plants and minerals. They however had to synthesise them because only artificially produced compounds can be patented. Naturally occurring things can not be patented. Which means little to no profit for the company. Now are you starting to see the issue? Money!

Natural medicine has seen a sharp increase in people seeking treatment, because they have been let down by mainstream medicine with possible side effects and overuse of prescription drugs. Even for minor ailments. People are seeking a healthier, natural way and that scares drug companies

If you want a viable alternative to drug companies and mainstream medicine then please sign the petition to help save the natural medical community. Go to


Here is a word from David Howell

"The TGA is seeking to stop Australian Naturopaths receiving advertising about therapeutic supplements, or advising about or prescribing the products to their clients. This will effectively delete the industry as such products form the basis of Naturopaths providing safe and successful treatment for their clients, as well as maintaining financial viability in the marketplace. The premise for such action? ...Despite degree level science based tertiary Naturopathic education, the TGA quotes that they cannot be sure that Naturopaths are qualified to give such information or prescriptions. The alternative? ...Hand over such prescribing to other health professionals registered under Australia's NRA (National Registration Authority). This includes podiatrists, dental hygienists and a range of other professionals typically non-qualified to give such advice and prescriptions. This is an issue of threat to public safety, and incredible arrogance and injustice to the Naturopathic Industry, despite the industry performing a vital role in maintaining people's health without costing the public health system a cent. Note that Naturopaths typically receive rigorous education in Australia prior to qualification, and are subject to ongoing annual educational standards and regulatory measures via their professional organisations. The TGA is proposing this regulatory change with no fanfare and a very short time for the public to respond (by July 12th 2013). Your support of this petition is necessary and urgent, as well as greatly appreciated.

Kristie has studied natural medicine and nutrition. Kathleen is a supporter of natural healing and healthy lifestyle. In fact many of the models on Nude-Muse look after themselves with natural products and foods. Please support this worthy cause

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