This Model Is Too Fat!

Natalia is TOO FAT, according to a top model agency in Brisbane. What a mesage to send women. So what is the real nude? What is a true representation of the human body? What is healthy?

I am so sick and tired of idiots that represent fashion agencies telling beautiful young healthy women, that they are too fat. Take a look at Natalia. Does she look too fat to you? She is stunning. Then you get articles, and news stories, where they show one slightly curvy model on a runway, or in a fashion magazine. As if that will then be representative of the entire fashion industry. It is like they are trying to clear their conscience. However out of the lime light, out of camera view, they keep telling hundreds and even thousands of young, beautiful, healthy women that they are too fat.

Have a look at a runway show. See how thin all those models are. They are slapping the average woman in the face. They are screaming at them that they are also too fat. Too fat the wear their clothes, they are not good enough nor worthy enough. I guess that is why once most women try going nude, and head to a nude beach or an organised nude event, most fall in love with the concept, as they soon discover that they are not judged, for their looks. Most women have said that when amongst other nudists, that they are suprised, that they are not stared at, nor judged, nor told they are too fat. All the other people around them are the same as them, that the world is full of all people of all shapes and sizes. From thin young women like Natalia, to older, to curvier, to every shade of brown the skin can come in.

So what then is the real nude. It is Natalia, it is like you and me, We are all real nudes. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Ed - Natalia mentions Dallys models in her interview. Dallys was NOT the agency that said she was too fat. Dallys actually hired Natalia and treated her well. Although we do not endorse Dallys models, we have heard over the years, only positive feedback from models about Dallys. It was another agency that said she was fat, and we have heard many similar stories over the years from models about that un-named agency.

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