hailey nude not rude

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Finding something to be obscene, offensive or rude is just a matter of opinion. It is not based in fact or measureable in any meaningful way. It is just a feeling, a point of view. The nude body is what we are born with. It is our very identity. This is Hailey's nude body in all its uncensored beauty. Her body is nude but not rude. For those people that say the nude body must be covered up simply because they don't want to see it, or feel ashamed or embarrassed looking at it, that was the very same way people reacted to people with disabilities in the past. Society used to hide disabled people away in asylums and "special" places. Asking a nudist to cover up, asking a significant percentage of the population to hide who they are is a remarkably similar parallel. It is degrading, it is antisocial and bigoted to say that anyone finds a nude body to be rude, especially when every human on the planet has a nude body of their own.