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Judgement Can Be Toxic.

Being a beautiful female means you are going to be judged by anyone with a social media account. Giselle like many attractive women these days, is judged just by her looks. We are not talking about guys seeing women as objects, but by other women and radical feminists who judge her for looking good. Judge her for being a model and judge her for being a nude model.

People come in all shapes and sizes. Uh huh. We get it. That is so true. However it seems that if your young, female, slim and attractive, then you are judged as a slut, whore, attention seeker, vapid, and we could go on. If any website, business (even businesses not involved in nudity like fitness brands for example), will come under fire for featuring young attractive females as part of their brand, or promotion or even if they are part of their staff.

They are accused of sexism, fatism, agism and any other ism you can think of. Since when has being young beautiful and female become such a dirty topic. How has it become something so toxic? Feminism has been supremely important in getting equality for women. Equality for any group is extremely important and we believe should be a basic human right for all. We have always been supporters of feminism especially in communities where women are really being oppressed and treated less than human. We think women must get equal pay for equal work, have equal opportunities to jobs, and access to equal education. It is the radicalisation of feminism that has started to cause major problems not just for men, but for women as well. Radicalisation in any community has only caused pain and suffering. It has always set back any achievements made in earlier days. It is radical feminism that has declared war on young attractive women.

Women vs women. It is truly sad and very counter productive. One group of women telling how another group of women should act and behave. That is not a healthy attitude and one that will ultimately create a backlash.

Yes we come in all shapes and sizes, and some of us are young and attractive. No point being upset by that. It is how we are. Men are physiologically hardwired to be attracted to young attractive women (well hetrosexual males are). It doesn’t make them bad or sexist. It makes them human. That doesn’t mean men are allowed to treat women badly or as cattle or as lesser human beings. It should not mean that men should be painted as pigs just because they are drawn to young beautiful women either.

I am a portly middle aged bald guy and I am not in any way offended, upset or feel threatened by young men in their early twenties who are good looking and have a washboard abs. Good on them I say. Enjoy it while it lasts, because youth and beauty doesn’t last. Enjoy being young and beautiful no matter who you are and make the absolute most of it, because it won't last. For those of us whose youth and beauty is fading or gone, we can look upon the new generation and smile in fondness of our past. We can live vicariously through them. It is normal, it is healthy, it is natural. Let's stop this stupid gender war and start living and enjoying life.

Let’s celebrate youth and beauty. Giselle is a young attractive woman and she is enjoying that as much as she can. No one should get in her way of being happy.

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