Shock: Elf Showers Nude

When we take a shower we do it nude because it is the most effective way to ensure we can get clean. We don't wear clothes when we shower. That is why Elf showers nude.

Same should apply to swimming. It is just more efficient, cleaner and healthier to swim nude and dry off in the sun while nude, than to wear swimwear which harbours and grows bacteria at an alarming rate.

When the weather is exceptionally warm and humid, it is just better to be nude than it is to be forced to wear clothes. These are just common sense things. To fight against it, is just bloody mindedness. There should always be an option to be nude, such as swimming or hot days, where clothing is worn.

It makes sense for Elf to shower nude. It also makes sense for her to be nude anywhere she feels is safe. If that is on a beach or going to the shops on a hot summers day, then for goodness sake just let her. Not liking it or “feeling offended” are not valid reasons.

Photography and video by Laurelle

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