What is St Patricks Day?

For most people St Patricks day is seen as an Irish celebration, with green hats, leprechauns, green beer and shamrocks. Dragana gets into this spirit for the photoshoot, but knows that history is far different than that.

To keep a long story short Patrick (not his real name) was born in England, was enslaved and taken to Ireland. Escaped, became a priest, didn’t drive snakes from Ireland, but did convert the druids to Catholicism. He died, was canonised in the 12th century and the colour of Ireland was originally blue. In fact it still is. Whew!

Putting history aside, This homage to St Patricks day with Dragana, is meant to be fun and get in the spirit of celebration and just enjoying life. Life is best enjoyed nude, but if you must, you can leave that green hat on…..

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