The Nude Body In All It's Glory

It is tragic that most people see the human body in a negative way. Daisy has a beautiful nude body and is proud of it. She was born this way, and will live her entire life like that. So why is western civilization still so uptight about the nude human form. Why are mostly women, upset about seeing other women, nude?

Daisy is totally nude. She is posing for art, and is not censoring herself. Every bit of her nude form is revealed at some point. It is beautiful, artistic, inspiring, and brave. Particularly when you consider the country she comes from, she could be in real trouble for posing nude.

So why are we taught for example that it is ok to view people being shot, stabbed, disemboweled, drawn and quartered, wash boarded, decapitated, impaled and the gruesome list goes on and on. Some of those are even viewed and consumed by children. Yet if there is even a hint of female nipple (the male one seems to be ok in most places), there is a huge uproar, or the police are called, or a call for some kind of ban is raised. What a sad pathetic, society we live in. Those people should be truly ashamed of themselves.

They glorify violence, and make it patriotic, and heroic. Yet nude people are seen as deviants, predators, or insane. We are born nude, many tribes people still live nude. Some in Papua New Guinea even refuse the wear free clothing shipped to them, and they seem happy and content being totally nude

Some people will say that it is only the nipples (females only of course) or the genitals, that should be hidden away, like some national treasure, and that the rest of the body can be revealed without incident. However there are places in the world where being totally covered (even the eyes behind a fine mesh) are mandatory (only for women of course). Are we seeing a pattern here? However every part of the human body, is just that...a part. Whether it is an arm, leg, genitals, nipple, or mouth, it is just a part. We can make elbows look like the vulva of a woman when bent a certain way, yet do we ban the elbow? The male nipple can look remarkably like a female nipple (when not covered in hair), yet we still allow its display, so why do we have problems with the actual vulva or nipples? The answer is simply, because we are taught that way. Those things of themselves, are not an issues. We are just taught, then conditioned to automatically react, negatively to the site of those things.

So take a look at Daisy’s nude form. Take a look at her entire nude body and really look. Think to yourself, is this really horrible? Is her nude body foul. Look at your own body. Do you see it as offensive? Look at your own genitals, look at your penis, or ladies, at your vulva and labia. Do you find it offensive? is the site of it so horrible that you cannot bare to see it. Are you embarrassed by the site of it? Chances are the answer is no. So then why do you get squeamish when you see another person's genitals? They are just genitals, nipples, breasts buttocks, arms legs, mouth, and hands. The real sexual organ is the brain, and it has been taught that nudity is bad. Tribespeople show that the brain can be taught that nudity is normal everyday occurrence, no different than wearing a shirt or pants. Actually in those cultures wearing such things is seen as ridiculous.

Some will say that this isn't important, as there are more important things to consider in the world, like war etc. my answer is then why are they making it illegal, if it isn't important?. Maybe it is time we took Brave Daisy’s example and just relax about nudity and just get on with life. There are far more important things to consider, like war, famine and disease, than to worry about the lack of dress of an individual. So make nudity legal so we can start to move forward as an advanced society.

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