You are about to experience a new way of seeing artistic nudes. If you have a 3D TV or a 3D computer system then you are about to see one of the most amazing 3D expereinces available.

First you must download the 3D media viewer which is totally free, and install it on your system. There are three types of 3D available and you must have one of these below to view 3D.

  • 1- Anaglyph (red/blue glasses)You only need the glasses and nothing else. It gives the poorest quality 3D as it is 1950's technology. Colours are bad and details is low, but it is 3D
  • 2 - Interlaced 3D (polarising glasses) You need a passive 3D monitor and graphics card capable of displaying 3D. Gives excellent quality 3D.
  • 3 - Active shutter glasses. You will need a 3D monitor and graphics card capable of playing 3D games and movies such as these nvidia cards. This gives the best, high qaulity HD 3D around.

    If you are viewing through a 3D TV then you will have to refer to your manufaturers instructions on how to view 3D images. If you are viewing through 3D TV connected to a computer with a nvidia 3D capable card then download the 3DTV viewing software to get the best experience possible.

    To view the photos just download the zip file

    with the photos and extract. Then just double click on the first photo and the 3D viewer will automatically detect your system (one of the 3 above) and display the 3D image in the format that your system can best display. From there just look and enjoy your nude art in 3D.

    As 3D technology gets better, the way to view it will become much simpler. It is already much better and easier then it was even 6 months ago.

    A live view mode will be available soon.

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