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kelly sea

Is it possible to have an Ai girlfriend? Well just in time for Valentine's day is Kelly. Been testing out this new Ai and created Kelly for your enjoyment. This stunning brunette is mostly basking by the sea. Though sometimes the Ai algorithm has its own ideas and does some pretty eacky far out stuff. This Ai also seems to create some pretty saucy stuff from time to time, which I have included an example of down the bottom. Sometimes it does some very crazy stuff, which gives me a laugh. I am testing out a setting for Chinese models. The first attempt made terrible looking faces for about half of the images, but this second attempt is creating some breathtakingly beautiful "women". If all goes well, will publish these next week.

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elly last stand

This is the last stand. Elly is the very last Nude Muse Of The Week for Nude Muse Magazine. After this week I wont be updating the site any more. However it will still be up for as long as people still come and enjoy the past 17 years worth of beautiful nude models having fun and enjoying life nude. Why is this happening you might ask?.....Full Story>

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  • 17th June 2023 Over the years you I have shot a revealing style with certain models that people of the years have shown great interest in. Some of those models I have never published those revealing images on the website before. Well that wont change. I will NEVER publish those images on the internet (uncensored). I'm not really promoting the book as I don't expect to sell any/many. It is just meant for the genuine fan who is extremely unlikely to publish the book online with a purchase requirment so high and difficult. If anyone does want to buy, then just contact me via the email on the contact page

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