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trudy train

Been playing around with a different Ai. This one is a bit slower and makes WAY MORE mistakes than the previous one, BUT, it does seem to make more realistic "models". When this Ai gets it right, the image can look ultra realistic. On a side note I have been testing another Ai that specialises in sounds. I fed in a 30 second sound clip of Erin and Misty-Day, for the Ai to "learn" their voice. Then I type in a sentece and the Ai repeats it using "Erin's" voice and WOW. It sounds exactly like her. HERE is the clip. I can type in a script and "Erin" will repeat it with her voice. This sample is one of Misty-Day. It still can make mistakes, but overall its incredible technology...and very scary when you think about what an unethical person might do with it (To be clear, all my model contracts cover future tech like Ai.). I have a few ideas for this technology, but still testing it out. I can imagine what it might be like if I could make video of past models with Ai and combine the voice (still need to find an Ai that can do that well).....I could continue with shows like the Nude Muse News. That isn't a promise at the moment. Its just me basically thinking out loud and seeing how this all develops in the coming months.

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elly last stand

This is the last stand. Elly is the very last Nude Muse Of The Week for Nude Muse Magazine. After this week I wont be updating the site any more. However it will still be up for as long as people still come and enjoy the past 17 years worth of beautiful nude models having fun and enjoying life nude. Why is this happening you might ask?.....Full Story>

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  • 17th June 2023 Over the years you I have shot a revealing style with certain models that people of the years have shown great interest in. Some of those models I have never published those revealing images on the website before. Well that wont change. I will NEVER publish those images on the internet (uncensored). I'm not really promoting the book as I don't expect to sell any/many. It is just meant for the genuine fan who is extremely unlikely to publish the book online with a purchase requirment so high and difficult. If anyone does want to buy, then just contact me via the email on the contact page

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