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Together We Stand


As humans we worry about being different or being the same or not fitting in with our chosen crowd or not being accepted. Our job gives us status or takes it away. Our clothes create an image that is used to judge us or others. Our possessions create who we are. Or do they? This series of photos is about stripping away all our possessions and getting back to the real person. The person without the image or items that they have or own. Once nude we are all the same. We are still individual as we are still affected by the genes of our parents and ancestors. We are also equal in the eyes of nature. I hope that we will one day be all equal in each others eyes. In these photos we have dancers, lawyers, accountants, students, mothers, cleaners, singers, managers, sales people, office workers, forklift drivers the list goes on. Also in the photos are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, even wiccans. Can you tell who is who when they are nude? There are people aged 18 years of age up to 48 years. People from size 6 up to size 18. Despite their minor differences they all have goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations similar to you or your friends. I hope that one day we can all stand together as equals.

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