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Kitty - Muse



Ever wondered who the person was in the nude-muse logo. Well it is Kitty. She was my first muse. My first inspiration that opened up my creativity after a long absence from behind the camera. Actually it is this very photo that was used for the logo. Nude-Muse originally was not meant to be a nude photography site or business. Nude-Muse was actually meant to be the metaphorical nude. By stripping away our masks that we wear to work, to social events and our everyday lives. To get to the emotional nude the nude personality of an individual. The muse stood for and still does to the muses of inspiration and creativity. Now Nude-Muse is proud to be a strong supporter of not only of a positive body image, but also a supporter in mental health and happiness by building confidence in people. To Kitty who sadly no longer models, a big thanks for your contribution.

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