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Just letting people know about my next project. I am in the process of creating an adult visual novel (in a game format). It is fantasy based on real life experiences during my Nude Muse Magazine years. In the game YOU will become a photographer looking for models, photographing them nude and (this is the main fiction part), if you make the right choices, you can have "encounters" with the models. The models will be based loosely on real models. As I said it is a work of fiction based in essence on real events. To give you a teaser, here is one of the main characters from the game. Her name is Tasha and she is a 20 year old English Literature student.

Will keep people updated as progress is made. More still images to follow. I'm literally learning to code as I go (well limited coding), and other new programs.

Although this will be loosely based on real models (though identities will be a little different from the real person, creating a new character in essence from the real person) and some real situations, this is still a work of fiction and will also depend on what decisions you the player will make as you play. Yes there will be nudity, and the game will go much further than we ever did on here on Nude Muse, including sexual encounters. Yes all characters will be anatomically correct in every way.

Yes the game will be made available for purchase once it is ready, and a release date will be announced as it gets close. At this point it is still many months away. So stay tuned for more info on this very exciting project.

*Yes I know about the clipping in the first image. It was fixed after the render.

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tasha appartment


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