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Next Character is 50 year old Nadia, a real estate business owner who has a teenage (18 year old) daughter named Stacey. Nadia originally was only going to be a minor character, but as I wrote her script, I found myself developing a very interesting character in her own right. As a result, she will be another character you can develop depending on your interactions.

Nadia used to be a model herself when she was younger, and is a divorced single mum of Stacey, who is in turn just starting out her own model career. As I wrote these characters I realised, there was a song called “Stacey's mom by Fountains of Wayne.” It was totally coincidental so is not a reference to that song. However I think it's funny it turned out that way.”

Stay tuned for more Characters. Next one will be Stacey herself. She has never posed nude before, but in the game your actions will decide if she goes full monty (or beyond) or not.”

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