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Have approx 2 hours of game play done. Process is going faster as I get better at certain tasks. Next charactter is Addy. Addy is an 18 year old part time travel agent who recently finished high school and is looking to make a little extra money with her nude modelling.

One of the first characters in the game will be Stacey and her Mum, Nadia. (Accidental reference to early 2000's Fountains of Wayne song). Stacey's Mom (Nadia) will be in the next update.

All characters are done with a few extras done as well to filesh out the game world. Busy doing the story line and graphics for the story. Then will do the code to match. Not sure if that is the right way, just unsure how the story will unfold as it is so far an ongoing one.

I think I will release in chapters as it is way to big to do for one person all at once.

** I have convetred the png files to jpg for faster load on website, but hopefully quality hasn't suffered as a result.

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