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Are these images of Evelyn real or a new advanced Ai? In this day and age you really can't tell. There are Ai that can create incredibly real images and even video of real people. These images are of the real Evelyn. These are NOT Ai. However in the future (even now to be honest) you can't be 100% sure that what you are seeing is real or not.

You can see much more of our lovely (and very real) Evelyn here. Members gallery of these photos here.

On one level this is amazing technology and can help create new content of your favourite people. Models, singers, actors, even your secret crush. However the ugly side is that it can be used by bad people, to discredit, frame, or ruin anyone. Try proving that you didn't do a certain action or said certain statements. We really are entering some potentially very dangerous teritory. Scammers have already jumped on the band wagon, making Ai replica's of people's loved ones. One scam might has a "daughter" ringing their dad, asking for money due to an emergency. The daughter's voice was Ai and the money sent by the father ended up in scammers accounts. This type of thing will just get worse. It could be used to blackmail people and much much more. I don't know where this is headed and I think this will get much darker before it gets sorted out.

Some Ai are programmed to NOT create nudes. However even these can be "tricked" into creating nudes if you know how. Below are two images of nudes created by an Ai that is not supposed to do that.

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