End Of An Era

This is the last stand. Elly is the very last Nude Muse Of The Week for Nude Muse Magazine. After this week I wont be updating the site any more. However it will still be up for as long as people still come and enjoy the past 17 years worth of beautiful nude models having fun and enjoying life nude. Why is this happening you might ask?

There are many reasons. There isn't any one particular reason why. Its just an accumulation of things over the years. The first major issue was big tech “social” media censorship. Especially Facebook and Youtube/Google and a smaller degree Dailymotion. At its peak Nude Muse was in the top 90,000 sites in the entire world. It had more people looking at the site each month, than Vogue and Cleo combined. On Dailymotion the sites videos week after week filled the top 10 of the top 12 most viewed videos. Then came the censorship. I truly feel that the numbers must have scared someone, that a small independent business could achieve such a thing without massive advertising budget. It was purely word of mouth. People really liked what I did. That was when all the problems started to happen....

Another issue I faced, was vindictive people who maliciously flagged us and used the report feature as a weapon. That is how we lost our Youtube channel, despite following all their rules and abided all their community guidelines. We won every appeal time after time, and then suddenly they did three strikes simultaneously, out of the blue and the channel was done. Same for Facebook. They decided they didn't want us there so “Hate Speech “ (remember that?) was invented for people like me, even though I never wrote anything hateful. In-fact everything that I wrote was about beauty, inclusion, and our bodies can be portrayed in a lovely way. All very positive. I also had certain models who couldn't take no for an answer, take malicious action on several of our “social” (what a laugh that term is) media accounts. That is how I lost my Instagram account 10 times before being permanently banned....

Pirating was a massive problem at one point. I almost had to close Nude Muse about 5-6 years ago due to a 40% drop (and at the time, going lower) in viewership due to all my photos and videos being widely and freely distributed on pirate sites including Youtube. I eventually hired an anti pirate guy who did amazing work and pretty much saved my business. I complained to Youtube/Google about people distributing my work (same video was banned on my channel) but was allowed on these other channels on Youtube. Not only that, but they where monetised too. With those channels getting millions of views per video they where raking in the money (and Youtube was getting a hefty cut of that action). Everyone was profiting from my hard work, just not me. Parasites the lot of them. What reponse did I get from Goolge? Anyone using my site on Chrome would get a message saying that my site was malicious and could be stealing information from people. What a load of crock. So I had to hire people to fix that issue. Thanks Google (thumbs up for being the vindictive demon spawn that you are). Instead of apologising and reinstating my channel, that was their response. Now in 2022 I see what they where building up to, and my business was just an unwilling test subject for their system. Remember when their slogan was "Do No Evil" and then they got rid of that slogan. Well that should have told everyone what their true intentions were down the line.

I had many plans. When I was doing the Nude Muse News I had 10 models doing regular work for Nude Muse. My plan was to expand and have nude reporters full time doing nude tv segments, interviews , car reviews and so much more. However all the above issues saw my capital that I was going to use in expanding, was instead used on anti piracy, bigger (far more expensive) servers and teams of people to watch and monitor hackers and more. In effect all the money I made couldn't be invested back into the site as was my plan, but was used in an expensive game of wack-a-mole with pirates and other scum.

Then the covid plandemic hit and vimeo pulled their support without any good reason. That was pretty much the last straw. Everyone was locked down so getting models to pose, heck even getting access to models was impossible at times when state borders where closed. I tried getting the models to pose nude and self shoot, but that was near impossible to do with new models. Now with the death shots that people have been getting and the spike protein shedding I no longer could take the risk. I decided to call it quits and move to the country side.

I knew that the entire economic system would collapse sooner or later, so I tuned into financial information back in 2019 and decided to sell my house in 2020. Now my wife and I bought some acreage far far from the city and live a quite rural life growing veggies and listening to the sounds of nature and watching the millions of stars at night on a cloudless and moon free night.

I will truly miss all the wonderful models like Elly and working with them. I even got a nude hug from her once. Elly you are an amazing woman with incredible potential. I will always cherish our time together and remember silly little details like how your bare feet could withstand walking on burning hot concrete in mid summer. Or that time how you walked topless through a crowd of people. A huge thank you for all you have done and hope you have a bright future ahead. I will miss the laughter, the hi-jinks, stories and being around such vibrant, and beautiful young women. I truly believe that being around young people has kept me younger too. However all things come to an end eventually. I am incredibly grateful to have experienced it in real life. I am also immensely grateful to the generous and wonderful subscribers, who I hope enjoyed our content as much as I (and the models) did making it. I wish I could have gone on much longer, but the world changed and life changes. I do believe that some terrible times are headed for every country on the globe and that we must all prepare as much as possible. There is much death ahead, but with all life cycles there is always a new beginning. It is the job of the survivors to rebuild and learn from the mistakes of the past. I genuinely wish everyone all the best for the future and even in the worst of times keep a picture of your favourite model (maybe Elly) on hand and look at her smiling while totally nude, to remember the past for what it was and hopefully will be once again.

P.S. I will always continue with my photography in some way, and maybe even nudes when ever its possible, but it will never again be published on the internet. It will be in the form of an analogue book or print form only. I might create a coffee table book of all the models who did a revealing photo shoot but was never published (eg Evelyn, Misty-Day and even Anne). Maybe even some behind the scenes revealing shots too. Stay tuned as I am currently working on that project. I have been closing down all my social media, but might keep my Twitter one open so people can still stay tuned for projects like that one or a tell all book of my experiences of the past 17 years. What I have written here is just a tiny tip of the massive iceberg of stories and experiences. Many of these stories will raise eyebrows and some make your toes curl. I truly wish all the wonderful people the very best of luck, health and happiness. To quote Douglas Adams from his book, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

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