Sunset Bench

Monique is a cute 18 year old French model who has never posed nude before. She is an expereinced fashion model, but this is her first time going nude in front of the camera. She suggested going nude in public as she wanted to expereince another first. Well all this would be interesting if Monique where a real flesh and blood woman.

Monique is a brand new model from a brand new Ai. One that seems to generate real artistic photographic techniques and lighting. It also seems better thsn modt, in posing too. This Ai seems to be at its best when generating close up of faces. However like most Ai, it seems to run into trouble the smaller the person gets in an image. I guess less detail to work with. So full body shots have a much higher error rate then close up of faces, which seem to be almost flawless (unless you specify flaws, like pimples, wrinkles, blemishes etc). This Ai seems to be able to blend with other Ai and Ai styles to create things far outside its normal scope. Want large Saggy breasts? Well it can blend with an ai that is good at generating that. Want fit athletic looking can blend with that too. I think there are big things ahead with this so stay tuned as I update with more new "models" more often. As this Ai also has speed. Of course I am on a very steep learning curve with all this. The better i get the better the images turn out. This Ai seems to have the ability to give it (almost) programming like commands which make the images even better. As I said much to learn. Monique was my first attempt, and by the time you see the other "models" you will see even more improvments. This Ai sems to be far more consistent with creating the same model in each picture too. Its still not perfect, but it is getting there.

This Ai has given me the freedom to do things I have always wanted to do with my art. I always wanted to do more fantasy art styles, but could rarely do them before due to cost in both time and money. Things that would have taken a day setting up in the studio, finding the right model, getting a makeup artist and applying the makeup, then doing the post editing work, would have taken a few days to do. With Ai I can generate 4 images in a just a few seconds and it will do all of the above with near perfection (in most cases). and I can expereiment without the makeup artist needingto redo everything. Last might I tried different coloured lipstip on a busty red haired model in a rainforest. Her set will be coming next week. I experimneted with body paint in sand dunes on a model at night during a lunar exclipse. That set will be coming soon too. And I was blown away buy the beauty of an American model posing nude for the first time in a cherry orchard during cherry blossom season. Her beautiful blond hair blowing in the light breeze. All of this would neverhave been possible without Ai. ....and thw quality just keeps getting better an better. I think by the end of the year or early next year at the latest, you wont be able to tell the difference from Ai model and the real thing.

Monique doesn't have a "models page", but she does have a members only gallery that you can view HERE

Just to be abundantly clear....none of these "women" exist in real life. They are 100% computer generated by Ai. All the Ai "models" are generated to represent "women" who are over the age of 18 years of age.

Just a couple of examples of up comoing Ai models I generated recently. Just int he process of doing the image editing to fit the website.

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