This is Jessy in an arid desert setting. Been busy trying to find a good Ai video generator. I Found one that on the surface (the demo vieos) look incredible. I cannot tell the difference between a real video and the Ai generated one. It is that good. In the right hands this is amazing tech. In the wrong hands it could be used to decieve people and give out false information. I will look further into it and see if it will do nudes at all, as it doesn't mention anything about that.

Jessy doesn't have a "models page", but she does have a members only gallery that you can view HERE

Just to be abundantly clear....none of these "women" exist in real life. They are 100% computer generated by Ai. All the Ai "models" are meant to represent "women" who are over the age of 18 years of age.

I decided to share some of the funnier mistakes that Ai makes. One looks like she is giving birth to herself, the other has...well, an interesting set of boobs.

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