There is a another Ai I am playing with that seems to add a little more realisom, but not as much as the ones with Trudy. That Ai seems to be offline or something at the moment, but will try some more once it works again. In the mean time here is Catalina from the first Ai. Although it has a slightly "cartoon" style, it does produce some very pretty "models". Will keep working at it and see where it all leads.

Dannii is back!!! ...well not really. Here is her Ai cloned voice. Sounds exactly like her, (and click the image below). However it took about 11 tries to get a glitch free version.


Catalina doesn't have a "models page", but she does have a members only gallery that you can view HERE

As I work with Ai, and see how different each is, I wouldn't consider Ai (well most) as being clever. Ai is more a tool. However my spidey sense gets the impression that there are Ai out there that are incredibly advanced. Maybe even sentient. Yes I will damn well keep my tin foil hat on for this one. No Ai will ever be "alive", but it could be extremely advanced. It has no feelings, has no remorse, has no ability to "feel" empathy toward life. Heck it may even see life as a parasite for all we know. Just remember that those that work on top level projects never disclose what they currently have now, till decades later. So if we have this level of Ai now, what level are they really working on (or have) right now? Just things to ponder.

Just to be abundantly clear....none of these "women" exist in real life. They are 100% computer generated by Ai. All the Ai "models" are meant to represent "women" who are over the age of 18 years of age.

Something a little different. I found these two Ai images that I think look awesome. The fantasy one is just incredible in my mind and see tremendous potential for more of that style. The second one (with glasses) is another example of a "realistic" model that I think is pretty good too.

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