Athena Goddess

We flew over the Greece and took some photos of Athena. The last time Athen aposed for an artist was a couple of thousand years ago, sp we are pleased that she finally decided to pose once more for a more up to date look.

This is another concept I wanted to do. I did a cleopatra theme many many years a go with the stunning Scarlett-Morgan, and a Hellen of Troy one with gorgeous Belinda. However I always wanted to do a goddess theme. I remember I wanted to do something like this in the past and one of Diana/Aertemis the goddess of the hunt. Which I might do sometime soon.

Come back for more regular updates as and as the technology improves, there will come a day where real and generated images will be indestinguishable.

Athena doesn't have a "models page", but she does have a members only gallery that you can view HERE

Just to be abundantly clear....none of these "women" exist in real life. They are 100% computer generated by Ai. All the Ai "models" are generated to represent "women" who are over the age of 18 years of age.

A little preview of the next Ai model called Chloe coming up next.

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