Agnetha Nordic Beauty

I've been playing Skyrim recently and came across this masterpiece of music on Youtube from the game. Highly moving and evokes powerful emotions. Something Ai will never be able to appreciate. As my pretty blonde war hammer swinging character smashes her way across Skyrim, it gave me the inspiration to create Agnetha the nordic beauty. Although Ai can make the character based on certain parameters, Ai can't be "inspired" or "moved" to WANT to make it.

Agnetha doesn't have a "models page", but she does have a members only gallery that you can view HERE

I'm not sure exactly how Ai works, but it seems to me that it takes images from all over the internet and constructs (based on certain instruction), a unique image by combining elements from those images. If I am wrong I am happy to learn. Ai does seem to have a lot of trouble making toes and fingers properly. Sometimes it adds extra limbs too lol. It also seems to have some issue with vaginas in some cricumstances. As you can see, it never makes exactly the same face for that reason. Anyway, please enjoy these images, as they are still a work of art and I am captivated by the beauty that is made regardless of the source.

Just to be abundantly clear....none of these "women" exist in real life. They are 100% computer generated by Ai. All the Ai "models" are meant to represent "women" who are over the age of 18 years of age.

Below are a couple more non-nude stunning Ai "women". Just remember, if you see a pretty face in a social media may not be an actual person.....

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