When we shot this set with Freya, there was no mention of borderlands 3 other than rumours and wishful thinking from fans. Freya really likes Gaige so we themed this on that character. I also wasn’t sure how to present this set. Do I do it in the cell shading art style like we did with Erin and her Siren character, or something else?

When I found this set buried in the archives, unused and forgotten, I thought lets do this in a way similar to the way the characters are shown individually in the game as the title screen for that character. It suits Freya’s fun personality really well.

When I started editing this set I had no idea what date borderlands 3 would be released. By that stage we all knew it was coming. I usually schedule things weeks in advance. You have to. So I put this set into the calendar for the 10th September. No realising that Borderlands 3 will ultimately be released during that week. Honestly this was pure coincidence. A brilliant one, but a coincidence nonetheless.

So to celebrate the third game in the borderlands series, here is Freya as Gaige. Will gaige make some type of appearance in borderlands 3? We will find out soon enough.

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