Homage to Borderlands Games

Looking totally BADASS, we discover Erin is actually a siren. If you have ever played any of the Borderlands series of games from Gearbox software, then you will know what we are talking about.

Borderlands is a first person shooter game that also allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously in game. Does that make the game any easier? Hell no. With four players the game is amped up to become even harder. Once you have finished the main quest line the game ain't over. Oh no the fun just begins. You can do it all again in what is called true vault hunter mode. You get better weapons and loot, but the opponents also become much harder. Finish that play through and you unlock the Ultimate vault hunter mode, which makes enemies 4 times harder than before (some even regen), but you get way better loot than before.

What makes borderlands so damn good and really stand out from other first person shooters? It is the rich world Gearbox created and the crazy, funny and odd characters that inhabit it. The rich and brilliant voice acting really ads yet another layer of awesomeness to the game. Ellie and Scooter and love him or hate him, handsome Jack just makes you laugh and cringe at the same time, but in just the right measure. Did i already say brilliant? Take a look at their Wimoweh trailer for borderlands 2 to get an idea, or Kriegs trailer here. Originally you had 4 characters to choose from in Borderlands 2. Axton the commando, Maya the siren, Salvador the gunzerker and Zero the assassin, which was later extended by 2 more characters, Gauge the mechromancer and Krieg the psycho. Borderlands one just had four with Roland as the commando, Lilith as the siren, Mordecai as the assassin, and Brick as, well a walking tank basically. *****spoiler alert - They all make a reappearance in borderlands 2 as npc’s to guide your chosen character.

So why the siren? Check out this trailer as well to get your hearts pumping and get an idea of what siren and the others can do. I have played all the characters in borderlands 2 and loved how each have something unique about them and each had a real fun factor. I love the gunzerker gunzerking skill especially when he finally gets his hands on some great weapons like the double penetrating unkempt harold (a dirty harry reference).You will find many cryptic references to other games, movies and events in game, which adds even more to borderlands. There are easter eggs aplenty in game. Everything from Star wars to Lord of the rings, it will keep you entertained on so many levels. Going back to the siren. Although she is the hardest player to get off the ground and play well in game (at least that is what i found), she becomes a real “badass” once she goes above level 50, and doesn’t really hit her stride till level 72 and the op levels. Her ruin skill is a must have if you wish to destroy your opponents for example. I love Zero’s sniping ability, but my nephew plays Zero as a melee character with a “many must fall” skill, A rapier gun and a love thumper shield. You just have to play the game to know what I mean. I also played as Krieg the Psycho. With the right build he is a walking tank, decimating everything in his path as he pulsates fire and death. Anyway you get the idea. Go and buy the game, even if you are not a first person shooter, I wasn’t and hated the genre until I played borderlands.

If you haven’t played Borderlands then go and get your copy from steam (if you have PC) also available on xbox and playstation, and have a tonne of fun. It is great playing as a single person but a load of fun playing with someone else. My nephew and I play it every now and then, and as any young person, he runs rings around me in game, but that just adds to the fun factor. In the mean time here is Erin as a siren done the Nude-Muse way. Enjoy both the photos and the game.

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