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Rach Statistics

Mini Interview: 10 Questions
Age: 34


Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 164cm
Chest: 35" B
Waist: 29"
Hips: 37"

Q1. If you had unlimited money what would be the fist thing you would get? 
A1. I wouldn't get anything. I'd donate the money to an orphanage.

Q2. Do you have a favourite food?
A2. Chinese

Q3. Do you have any hobbies/interests?
A3. Jigsaw saw puzzles

Q4. What is the most daring or craziest thing you have ever done.?
A4. Ran nude up the nature strip of th main road

Q5. Is there anything you absolutely cannot live without?
A5. Chochalate and my hair brush

Q6. Which Actor would you most like to do a nude scene with in a movie?
A6. Brad Pitt

Q7. Do you walk around nude at home?
A7. Yes sometimes

Q8. Since you began nude modeling what sort of experiences have you had?
A8. Good mostly

Q9. Like the popular Katey Perry song, have you ever kissed a girl?
A9. Yep

Q10. If someone offered to take you to the moon would you go?
A10. Yep!



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