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Dee Statistics

Mini Interview: 8 Questions
Age: 20

Little known fact: Harmony, is Dee's older sister.


Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5' 152cm
Chest: 32" 81cm C
Waist: 28" 71cm
Hips: 31" 79cm

Q1. You where a gymnast weren't you? Did you compete over seas? Did you represent Australia or something?
A. I was a National Acrobat actually yes. Myself and partner came first in Nationals in 1999 and made it to "Worlds" but unfortunately could not compete as we didnt have enough in the team to represent Australia.

Q2. Why did you stop? Was it difficult not doing gymnastics anymore?
A. I stopped as i became affraid of heights "can you believe that!" lol i have a phobia now of going backwards now so it restricted me alot. and yes I sometimes i do get emotional when i watch Gymnastics or Acrobatics movies.

Q3. When did you start modeling?
A. when I 18

Q4. Your first nude photo shoot, where you nervous?
A. Yes i was very nervous but If i am correct it was with yourself and you made me feel very comfortable :)

Q5. What was the hardest modeling experience you have had so far?
A. I had to get really high on a cliff (which i shouldnt have because it was dangerous but i wanted the shot) looking over the beach..Scary as!

Q6. You are still extremely fit and strong. Do you work out?
A. Yes i do every now and again when im not exhausted from work. But im a very active person so that would play a big part

Q7. When at home do you walk around nude?
A. funny that you ask that becasue I am now! hehe

Q8. Nude modeling is seen as something difficult or not for everyone. Is this true? Would you recommend others to try or not? How has it helped or hindered your life?
A. It has helped me with my confidence so much and made me alot more confident with my body. Bit to open i think! lol I would recommend all to try it but just ensure you do some research on the photographer first :)

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