Grow Your Own

You heard the term "organic vegetables", you may have heard they are good for you. You go to the shops and OUCH! The price. So how easy is it to grow your own? Jinjbred shows just how easy it is.....nude of course.

So what do you have to do? First select a good sunny spot. Next prepare the location. You can create a box like we did in the photos. Then add the soil. Make sure to add some diluted organic fertiliser (real chicken, cow or horse poo).

Next water the soil and the plants you will use. Dig holes large enough to put your young veggie plants into. Put your plants in, making sure they are safe, secure and snug in the soil. Water them once more and presto, an organic garden.

To keep it organic don't use pesticides or artificial fertiliser's. Always use natural products. Plant garlic nearby as most pests hate garlic as much as vampires. For fruit flies use a trap to depopulate them in your area. They are brilliant, cheap and very very effective. That is it. Just make sure you water often and before you know it, you will have a heap of fresh organic veggies. Oh and make sure you do the gardening nude, like Jinjabred. You will love it :)

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