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Season 8 of Nude Muse Cooking sees a range of home chefs cooking up some amazing dishes while totally nude. Many of the dishes are aimed to be quick, easy. cost effective and actually good for you. This is a nude cooking show with a difference.

Episode 15

French Potato

nude muse cooking season08 episode15

Scarlett-Morgan creates a french inspired potato salad with her very own twist. A fun take on cooking a simple dish.

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Episode 14

Pickled Onions

nude muse cooking season08 episode14

Pickled onions not your thing? Scarlett-Morgan shows how to make it. Great for things like Hamburgers.

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Episode 08

Winter Drink

nude muse cooking season08 episode08

With Winter coming up in this part of the world people are getting colds and flu. So Elly is sharing her favourite drink to help sooth the symptoms.

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Episode 07

Chicken Salad

nude muse cooking season08 episode07

This episode Tea and Tiffani make a scrumptious balsamic chicken and lentil salad, that will delight your taste buds and at the same time is good for you.

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Episode 06

Coffee Scrub

nude muse cooking season08 episode06

In Today's episode Scarlett-Morgan makes a coffee scrub that you can use on your skin. Its meant to refresh your skin and helps it look younger longer.

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Episode 05

Bliss Balls

nude muse cooking season08 episode05

Today Tea and Tiffani are making bliss balls. It might sound like something unrealted to food, but its actually a very healthy snack food or dessert after a meal.

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Episode 04

Greek Salad

nude muse cooking season08 episode04

Want something healthy, easy to make and delicious. Well Scarlett-Morgan has just the right recipe for you. Today's episode she makes a Greek Salad.

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Episode 03

Rosti & Egg

nude muse cooking season08 episode03

Tea and Tiffani decided to make breakfast. In this episode they make sweet potato rosti with poached egg. Sounds complicated right? Well actually no. See how easy it really is.

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Episode 02

Black Bean

nude muse cooking season08 episode02

Scarlett-Morgan is back on Nude Muse Cooking and demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to make delicious recipies. This episode she makes a yummy black bean dip.

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Episode 01


nude muse cooking season08 episode01

Tea and Tiffani have teamed up for the very first episode of Nude Muse Cooking. In this episode they make chocolate covered strawberries. A true valentines day favourite of any girl.

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