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Season 7 of Nude Muse Cooking sees a range of home chefs cooking up some amazing dishes while totally nude. Many of the dishes are aimed to be quick, easy. cost effective and actually good for you. This is a nude cooking show with a difference..

Episode 05

Pumpkin Salad

nude muse cooking season07 episode05 scarlett-morgan and cosmic-river

Scarlett-Morgan and Cosmic-River go nude outdoors to make a pumpkin, fetta and rocket salad. There is nothing quite like cooking in the nude outdoors on a beautiful warm sunny day.

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Episode 03

Vegan Risotto

nude muse cooking season07 episode03  venus-rose

Venus-Rose creates very delicious and mostly healthy mushroom risotto. We only wish that you all could smell the delicious smells in that kitchen that day.

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Episode 02

Caramel Slice

nude muse cooking season07 episode02 scarlett-morgan and venus-rose

Scarlett-Morgan and Venus-Rose make another delicious recipie. This time round they make a mouth water caramel slice . We all have a sweet tooth in these parts.

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Episode 01

Chia Pudding

nude muse cooking season07 episode01 scarlett-morgan and venus-rose

Scarlett-Morgan and Venus-Rose put their talents together forn the first time and make a very delicious and healthy snack. Chia pudding. Its easy to make in minutes.

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