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Season 4 of Nude Muse Cooking sees Scarlett-Morgan cooking up some amazing dishes and from time to time will be joined by nude guest chef's who will either help out or cook a special dish of their own. This is a nude cooking show with a difference.

Episode 6

Creamy Egg Cups

nude muse cooking season05 episode06 scarlett-morgan

Every wondered what to make for breakfast that is not just simply cereal? Then Scarlett-Morgan has the answer with these yummy egg cups that can be made in just minutes.

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Episode 5

Crusty Cheesy Bread

nude muse cooking season05 episode05 scarlett-morgan

Scarlett-Morgan takes you on a journey of culinary delights with her crusty cheesy bread recipie. Is it healthy? Is it good for you? Who knows, but your tastebuds will love you for it.

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Episode 4

Baked Vegetables

nude muse cooking season05 episode04 scarlett-morgan

If you ever wanted to make a delicious vegetable bake, then this recipie by Scarlett-Morgan is the one for you. A very healthy meal. Of course you can also add meat as well.

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Episode 3

Banana Pancake

nude muse cooking season05 episode03 scarlett-morgan

Scarlett-Morgan is making delicious banana and blueberry pancakes all made without using any flour. A yummy treat for breakfast or even as a desert. Great for healthy eating.

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Episode 2

Fig and Prosciutto

nude muse cooking season05 episode02 scarlett-morgan

Scarlett-Morgan is making a delicious Fig and Prosciutto treat. A delicious recipie that is ready in minutes and can be either a desert or an entree. Making it nude is just better.

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Episode 1

Upside Down Bowl Cake

nude muse cooking season05 episode01 scarlett-morgan

Have unexpected guests coming over and have nothing to offer them? Then Scarlett-Morgan has this easy recipe for an upside down bowl cake that will have then wanting more.

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