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Season 4 of Nude Muse Cooking sees Castelle cooking up some amazing dishes and from time to time will be joined by nude guest chef's who will either help out or cook a special dish of their own. This is a nude cooking show with a difference.

Episode 7

Left over delights

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 7

We all end up with leftovers from time to time, but how do we remake it into something new and delicious. Castelle shows us how.


Episode 6

Aussie Christmas

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 6

Castelle does Christmas the Australian way, with a chicken Barbeque lunch. We have the perfect weather to do it nude outdoors.


Episode 5

Christmas Dessert

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 5

Its almost Christmas and Castelle has a great but very simple idea for a quick dessert so you can spend more time eating rather than cooking.


Episode 3

Healthy Summer Roast

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 3

Summer time can be too hot to make atraditional roast. So Castelle has created a summer version of an all time favourite you will all enjoy.


Episode 2

Fresh Chicken Pasta

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 2

Back with another great recipie Castelle makes a Chicken pasta dish with a fresh new twist. Colourful pasta and a real kick with the spices.


Episode 1

Char Grilled Prawns

nude muse cooking season 4 episode 1

Bright and bubbly Castelle makes a mouth watering char grilled chilli prawns on toasted bread. You just have to see this one.


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