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Sherrie Statistics

Age: 21 years  
Eye Colour: Blue  
Hair Colour: Auburn  
Height: 154cm  
Chest: 36.5" C
Waist: 28"
Hips: 40"
Sherrie's Videos
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Sherrie's photo shoots
sherrie unfinished sherrie unfinished sherrie fun afternoon sherrie fun afternoon  
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free photo
fun afternoon
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sherrie pink floral dress sherrie pink floral dress sherrie purple shoes sherrie purple shoes  
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pink floral dress
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purple shoes
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sherrie blue dress sherrie blue dress sherrie nude is nude sherrie nude is nude  
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blue dress
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nude is nude
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sherrie bath sherrie bath sherrie blue sphere sherrie blue sphere  
the bath
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blue sphere
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sherrie shovel sherrie shovel sherrie white flowers sherrie white flowers  
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white flowers
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sherrie black dress sherrie black dress  
black dress
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