Nature's Swimwear

There is something that non-nudists don’t understand about nudists. That is the amount of joy we feel when we are nude. Scarlett-Morgan may have a lovely swimsuit, but the swimwear that she gets the greatest joy from, is the one she was born with.

People used to swim nude all the time in the past. In fact if you wanted to go swimming, that was the only way people swam. It was normal and natural. It still is normal and natural. However there are people that want everyone who has not tried swimming nude, to think that the very act of being nude is at the very least a bad idea. At worst make it a criminal activity. Despite the fact there has never been any evidence that nudity has ever harmed or injured anyone seeing a nude person.

As you can see in the photos and video of Scarlett-Morgan, that she is having a wonderful time enjoying the beach while totally nude. Same as millions of other nudists around the globe. There are nudists of every race, religion, sex and age. Nudism of its own is not a sexual activity. A day at nude beach can be happily and safely enjoyed by families with children, through to older retired people. They have one common bond. Their love of enjoying a beach without the restrictions or swimwear.

Anyone who has never swum nude, will not know just how normal it is swimming and being on the beach nude. You literally forget your nudity. Your very own nudity becomes your new swimwear. It feels like the most comfortable, natural and normal attire you could ever wear. It is something that people like Scarlett-Morgan and every other nudist knows so well. Even Kimberley at the end of this video said it so well, that she felt so comfortable being nude. If you are reading this and have never swum nude before or gone nude outdoors before, give it a try before making any negative statements about going nude. It is a life changing moment for the better.

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