Why Is Public Nudity Still Illegal?

It's a beautiful sunny day. You found a lovely spot to sit and take in the sun. You want to sit and take in the sun while nude…….that is where you might run into a problem. Angela was lucky enough to find a quiet spot, where no one was around, but what about places with more people? Non-nudist type people?

The problem we have in many places is that nudity in a general public area, in many places is not just frowned upon, but out right illegal. Why is that? What is it about the nude human body, that has some people turn into a crazed frenzy of shrill shrieking and a public out burst more offensive and disturbing the peace than the original nude person who is at the receiving end of this tirade of mindless high pitched noise?

One reason cited is that it causes embarrassment. Another is that children might see. And last but not least is the people say that don’t want to see that. All reasons that only came about by a decades of constant and very often forceful indoctrination into thinking one and only one way about the naked body. That is is lustful or sinful or the vessel of all things sexual, because as soon as someone is nude, their can only be one reason why anyone wants to do that, and that is engage in a sex act.

As any nudist knows, that is a load of rubbish. Yet despite years of evidence to the contrary, it is a narrative, that is repeated in echo chambers, and the main stream media, over and over again. It is like despite the truth, just saying a lie repeatedly will override any actual facts.

Basically the only reason why the very body we inhabit our entire lives, in its nude state is treated as a criminal offence, is simply because someone somewhere just doesn’t want to look at it. Thus they made laws that made you illegal if you decide simply not to get dressed that day, and take your dog for a walk, or go out to buy some apples or any mundane daily activity.

Till lawmakers are either forced or educated that nudity of its own in any setting is not harmful or dangerous in anyway, people like Angela have to be very careful where they go nude in public. It is strange however that the overwhelmingly in any situation where we encountered people from the general public, while doing our nude photos shoots, the response has been either indifferent, or in support of what we were doing. So it is clear that much of the population is fine with simple nudity. It is time that laws catch up with the REAL community feeling toward nudity.

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